Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mad Cow disease strikes again!!

My fellow almost-Therians, today I call upon each and every one of you to help eradicate our beloved Theria of a terrible disease which has plagued us since the earliest days of our creation. I speak, of course, of the dreaded Bordemvine Spongy-tummy Encel-apathy, or Mad Cow disease. Scientists have long suspected the disease is transmitted to avatars through their operators in the Real, resulting in aberrant avatar attitudes, uncontrollable griefing urges, inexplicable weight gain, and general misbehavior and mucking about.

Just recently, high-ranking scientists in There have uncovered incontrovertible evidence linking Mad Cow disease to operators in the Real. It began as any other day with Therian engineers and astronomers working hard to fish our world out from the deep, dark depths of a particularly nasty quantum singularity which passed a little too close to our planet early last year. This event, as we all know, resulted in the long period of pitch black darkness we are currently in known as The Great Blackout. As these engineers were busy sitting on the existential docks of the universe, casting a wide net into the quantum singularity, one of them happened to notice some odd data being sent back along the net. At first, the strange data had him thoroughly confused but, thankfully, he remembered a fabulous resource to correlate information on similar events in There's past. He clicked around my blog for a while until he stumbled upon the Mad Cow disease archives. Realizing they may have an imminent outbreak, the engineers called in every scientists, astronomer, psychologist, and veterinarian with knowledge on the topic. They were up all night studying the data and drawing conclusions with jumbo multi-colored chalk on the sidewalk. Unfortunately, while they were busy doodling away, the quantum singularity they were supposed to be monitoring sucked them right up.

The conclusions they drew on the sidewalk remain, however, and they reveal some startling information. As it turns out, Mad Cow disease is in fact transmitted to avatars through their operators out in the real. How an avatar's operator becomes infected with the stupifying disease may remain a mystery, but at last we may have found a way to prevent the spread of this horrific disease. Simply ban them!!

Read a disposition given by one of There's high-ranking engineers on the data he was analyzing before being sucked into the singularity by clicking here.

Jon Quixote will be There!

Friday, July 01, 2011


Ha ha, just kidding!!

Michael Wilson and friends announced just recently that There will, in fact, be re-opening! After all this time, There2 will surely be a wondrous technological marvel representative of the miraculous evolution of next-generation cloud-based cream-filled whiffy goodness combined with modern social media marketing techniques and pixy powered automagical wish-granting super-cooled, hyper-threaded, twenty core.....

You know what, just read all the latest news for yourself.

Jon Quixote will be There.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

All Good Things...

There is officially turning off the lights on March 9th, 2010.

The memories we've made survive even after the twilight ends.
We had a good run.

Farewell, There.

Jon Quixote was There.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Thanks, Sonny!

You probably didn't even know this, but the men's muddy hiking boots have been broken for years. With these recent updates to the client resources, Sonblock must have finally fixed them.

I've spammed Sonny's mailbox with enough pokes and jests over the years regarding the broken boots that I suppose a meager apology is in order.

Thanks, Sonny!

Jon Quixote was There!